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Christmas Relays 4x4.46. (39th)'12 - Entrant List
(Last updated: 12/08/13 1:42 AM CST)
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Bib Name Race Sex Age City, State (Ctry)
L593 Abbott, Tyler DIV (L) Senior Men M 52 San Francisco, CA
1095 Aboulhoudn, chantal Open F 48 San Jose, CA
L594 Aguilar, Gary DIV (L) Senior Men M 57 El Cerrito, CA
N825 Al'Lami, Nadia DIV (N) - Women's Open F 27 Palo Alto, CA
L592 Allemang, Dean DIV (L) Senior Men M 52 Oakland, CA
N/A Alvord, Ben DIV (A) Corporate Open M 34 San Francisco, CA
L596 Anderson, Dan DIV (L) Senior Men M 60 Union City, CA
1119 Anderson, Marquard Open M 34 San Francisco, CA
1106 Andrews, Stephen Open M 30 Davis, CA
1109 Angel, Jason Open M 33 San Francisco, CA
1093 Anzelec, Brian Open M 36 SF, CA
N825 Appezzato, Lindsey DIV (N) - Women's Open F 26 San Francisco, CA
1081 April, Cm Open M 21 San Jose, CA
B321 Aragon, Nathan DIV (B) Junior Boys M 16 Grass Valley, CA
N/A Arena, Matt DIV (H) Master Men M 43 Sunnyvale, CA
N837 Armenta, Susan DIV (N) - Women's Open F 39 San Jose, CA
1113 Asltschul, Jennifer Open F 30 San Francisco, CA
N/A Atherton, Jim DIV (H) Master Men M 35 Sunnyvale, CA
J208 Atwood, Stephanie DIV (J) Women 60-69 F 61 Oakland, CA
F1270 Austin, Jamie DIV (F) Submaster Men M 44 San Francisco, CA
L594 Axinn, Mike DIV (L) Senior Men M 52 San Francisco, CA
N838 b, Alexis DIV (N) - Women's Open F 30 San Francisco, CA
1077 Balenko, Luis Open M 34 Redwood City, CA
1092 Barnard, Julie Open F 32 San Francisco, CA
H972 Baty, Peter DIV (H) Master Men M 44 Portola Valley, CA
T1411 Beadles, Susan DIV (T) Senior Women F 52 Morgan Hill, CA
1069 Bechtol, Alexis Open F 27 SF, CA
S1375 Becker, Austin DIV (S) Couples M 40 Palo Alto, CA
N/A Bedsworth, Jay DIV (A) Corporate Open M 48 San Francisco, CA
1115 Benham, Shawn Open M 47 San Ramon, CA
1096 Benton, Kyle Open M 23 Morgan Hill, CA
1079 bernard, travis Open M 29 san francisco, CA
N832 Bernstein, Elizabeth DIV (N) - Women's Open F 37 Mill Valley, CA
N838 Betts, Catherine DIV (N) - Women's Open F 28 San Francisco, CA
N830 Boller, Anne DIV (N) - Women's Open F 36 , CA
N828 Bomberg, Diane DIV (N) - Women's Open F 53 Oakland, CA
X1463 Bonstelle, Christy DIV (X) Submaster Women F 41 Menlo park, CA
F1273 Borg, Dustin DIV (F) Submaster Men M 31 Mountain View, CA
F1274 Borja, Rodel DIV (F) Submaster Men M 37 San Francisco, CA
1121 Boule, Danielle Open F 29 Davis, CA
N/A Bounds, Julia DIV (U) 14 & Under F 13 Redwood Shores, CA
N838 Bowen, Lana DIV (N) - Women's Open F 29 San Francisco, CA
N834 Boyarsky, Liz DIV (N) - Women's Open F 31 San Francisco, CA
1116 Bradley, Bonnie Open F 49 Morgan Hill, CA
1070 Brantley, Jennifer Open F 32 San Francisco, CA
1060 Bretan, Jonathan Open M 30 San Rafael, CA
K520 Brickley, Gary DIV (K) Men 60-69 M 60 San Francisco, CA
B325 Briggance, Ben DIV (B) Junior Boys M 16 Alameda, CA

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